Monday, November 24, 2008

Lights Out!

It appears that the MBTA forgot to pay the electric bill! For at least part of the morning commute, the lights were out at Arlington and Copley (I also heard rumors of Hynes and Boylston going dark as well). A series of underground fires in Downtown Boston forced the power to be shut off for a few hours. Inspectors, CSA's, and other MBTA personnel stood guard with flashlights. Waiting passengers were told to board whatever train came into the station and change at another stop.

Here are some photos I snapped:

Copley Station

Arlington Station

Arlington Station

*Note: Photographs taken with normal settings. It actually was that dark!

Lost RTS

UPDATE 11/25: It appears that this RTS along with many others from Albany Street now reside at Charlestown/Bennett Garage. Albany Street is now all Neoplan AN440's.

I spotted this gem this morning at Haymarket Station today:

Any idea why an Albany Garage bus would be doing trips on the 111?

Transit Photography

I have now created a Flickr account. All of my transit photos will be displayed here:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Movies: The Boeing-Vertol LRV Trip

Going Around The Loop At Government Center

Coming Out The Other Side

Tunnel Between Government Center and Park Street

Sorry that they are a bit short and have no sound.

I have purchased a new camera, so stay tuned for some better quality videos!

Triple Threat

This caught my interest yesterday afternoon during the PM rush.

My guess, the next Route 01 bus to Harvard came along about 20 minutes later.