Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Amtrak Strike

Alas, yet another blow to the MBTA's commuter rail system! If late trains were not enough, now Amtrak (which dispatches MBTA commuter rail trains in and out of South Station) workers are threatening to strike. Legally, they cannot call a strike until January 31, 2008. The workers have been on the job for eight years without a contract and only given cost of living raises as needed. So what if they go on strike? Well, to the best of knowledge...

- Greenbush Line terminates at Quincy Center or JFK/UMass

- Old Colony Line terminates at Braintree, Quincy Center, or JFK/UMass

- Fairmount Line: Use Local Bus Service

- Providence/Stoughton Line: NO SERVICE!

- Franklin Line terminates at Ruggles or possibly Back Bay

- Needham Line terminates at Forest Hills or possibly Ruggles

- Framingham/Worcester Line terminates at Back Bay Station

And of course, crush loads during rush hours on the Red and Orange Line.

Sounds like fun.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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