Saturday, May 31, 2008

Don't Forget To Carry The One

For anyone who is curious, the current ridership for the Route 111 is 10,271 people per average weekday. That's 5300 going into Boston and 4971 heading out to Chelsea. Just a bit of random T knowledge for you.

The official MBTA 2007 Ridership and Statistics Book (latest edition) says: 8292 riders per weekday.

Keep in mind that that count was done during Winter Rating 2003.

So does that mean that instead of three passengers using the Route 431 (Lynn Depot - Neptune Towers) on Saturdays it is actually more like fifteen?


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Is there really an MBTA 2007 Ridership and Statistics Book? Is it easily available, maybe as a PDF somewhere?

Or are you just taunting gullible nerds like me? :D

The Lone Rider said...

If you want the MBTA factbook (we lovingly call it the "Blue Book"), just call 617-222-1623 and ask for one. If they ask why, tell them you have an interest in transit logistics. Or email They'll send it to you (be sure to give a mailing address, they give you the actual book).

Anonymous said...

Super keen! Thank you!