Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Accident

So on my way home last night, my bus got into a little accident with a van. We had left Haymarket Station and were traveling down North Washington Street when a van started to
drift towards us. You see, the fellow driving the van was attempting to change lanes and did not bother to acknowledge the existence of the bus quickly approaching him on the right side. Our driver sensed what was probably going to happen next and hit the brakes. But it was too late.

The end result:

I have edited out the operator for the sake of their privacy.

None of the passengers were hurt, just a little shaken up. The accident happened in the middle of the street and thus we were unable to alight from the bus. The van was pinned against the bus and unable to move. I spotted its driver flipping through some papers. He hardly seemed phased by it. The operator notified Central Dispatch and the authorities soon came.

Had this been, say a Neoplan AN440, I might have blamed the accident on the power steering going out, but this was a New Flyer. Plus, I was riding up front and saw the jerk in the van cut in front of us. Damn him! RTS 213 came along and took our passengers (I stayed behind to give a witness statement). I grabbed a Neoplan heading my way and related my story the driver and a few curious passengers.

Morals of the story kids:

- Never cut off a bus

- Always wear you seatbelt

- Don't expect the same brake performance out of a NABI

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Meredith said...

Hey Stuart,
My name is Meredith; I'm interning over at ACE. I'm working on an article for the ACE blog on BYOP + youth activism for MBTA rights. I got your name from Lee @ ACE, but he didn't have your email address. I was wondering if we could talk a little about the MBTA and youth passes. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the project so that the blog entry will draw attention to the MBTA's problems. You can send me an email at meredith at ace-ej [dot] org or call me over at ACE: 617-442-3343. i'll be here today (monday 10/27) and tomorrow (tuesday 10/28) all day. hope to talk to you soon!